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And begun it has!

2010-11-26 00:08:09 by Nemesis282

Hey all! The first collab is out. If you guys got any ideas for more stickme animations, let me know ay? :D

Flash Precentage

2009-01-26 04:05:00 by Nemesis282

This is the percentage of completion on each flash submission

Collab 42%

First Game 74%

Second Game 0%

Small Movie Series 8%

Good news :D

2009-01-20 01:27:52 by Nemesis282

It seems that i'll be skipping my movie so that I can work on much better projects. Now i'm working with Venomous a new flash animator. and we should finish out game, second game, movie series and collab in a short amount of time. :D

Film complete

2008-12-12 03:25:56 by Nemesis282

My movie is finished... I'll be submitting it to NewGrounds soon.
I'm really sorry though, it's my very first animation... so it's got loads of glitches and mistakes.
It also has no replay button so it loops. Please vote 3 or higher.

I'm also working on a new animation called The Freelancer Virus. The animation is looking better and it's got way less glitches. I'll try to make it as good as I can.


2008-12-02 05:23:15 by Nemesis282

I'm working on a flash animation at the moment. It's my first movie so it's not epic animation, but it's still good with good music... I'll let you decide :P
It's won't be coming for a while though because my computer has some problems. :(